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Friday, March 27, 2015

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How to report an UFO

Basic Guidelines

1. Start with the exact date and time.

2. List all witnesses' names, addresses, and phone numbers. Also provide ages and occupations when possible.

3. Give your exact location at the time of the sighting. Street address, city, state, country.

4. Describe the weather. Was it sunny? Overcast? Raining? A clear night? Full moon?

5. In what part of the sky was the UFO located? North, South, East, West? On the horizon or straight overhead or somewhere in between?

6. Did the UFO move? How far and how fast? Describe its movements in detail.

7. Describe the appearance of the UFO: shape, size, distance, color, texture, sound. Draw a picture of it.

8. Describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

9. Write a narrative describing what happened in your own words, just as it occurred.

10. If there were other witnesses, have each of them write their own report, without consulting with each other. Have one person collect all of the sighting reports.

11. If you wish to report the sighting to your local authorities or to the military, then do so. Remember, distribute only copies of reports or photos. Do not give the originals to anyone.


Where to report


Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Required: Approximately 60 minutes.



1. Never give away your original reports and photos or negatives. You may never see them again.

2. As Sherlock Holmes said: "It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgement." Check out every possibility that what you saw was something ordinary.

3. Don't go to the media. Let them come to you.


Do Your Investigation Work

To find out if there have been UFO sightings near your town will take some investigative work on your part. Ask your relatives and friends if they have seen a UFO. You may be surprised how many people have seen UFOs but never reported their sightings. Some researchers suggest that only one in ten witnesses actually report their sighting.

Check your local newspapers, especially editions published during the wave years listed previously, for news reports and articles about area UFO sightings. Most libraries have collections of old newspapers for you to examine. Finally, read as many good UFO books as you can. You may discover a UFO report from where you live. 

UFO Sightings


The UFO and Aliens Gallery

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